Make self-soothing meaningful, and purposeful everyday. 

Self-soothing is how we carry out emotional first-aid to ourselves.
Therapist or not, learning to self-soothe is hard, but it’s something we can all learn how to do – especially if we have mental health conditions.
Self-soothing is an art that needs constant practice for the anxious mind and for everyone at times.

It’s not a case of finding a one hit wonder to your anxiety, obsessions and fears and all your insecurities go away; it just means that you learn not to get so wrapped up in your symptoms of depression and anxiety, and in the fears.

Start small and simple, something doable that fits with what’s going on for you right now – simply changing scene by going outside for a walk, an aromatherapy bath and early night, with a digital detox can change your state of mind.

Instead of being ruled by anxious symptoms, learn and practice the art of what types of self-soothing works for you. Don’t get latched on to one technique, keep discovering and try new things. Dozens of ways to relax ourselves. Keep exploring, what worked yesterday, may not work today. 
And of course, rest is sometimes best, and all it takes to break the cycle of fatigue and overwhelm. Spend some time alone to reflect and listen to your body.

Other remedies may work for you: kickboxing, 5Ks, meditation, yoga. I meditate while doing yoga for about 20 minutes in the morning. It sets my intentions for the day and gives me focus. I also read, at times, from poetry or philosophy books, and when I get an “ah-ha” moment, I stop, write that saying down and refer to it for the rest of my day. Find your ‘sweet spot’ ☺️
Remember it takes practice, and with that, patience. You’re not going to be a master “self-soother” overnight, it takes time and understanding. I’m still learning. Work with yourself, be gentle, and know that you have the power to provide calm and relief.

Start filling up your self-soothing tool box today. It will make a difference in your life.

Go slow and steady – start with a simple, conscious, controlled deep breath…
Self-Soothing: “The Best Person to Comfort Me Is . . . Me!”