Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection


The body and mind can’t be separated—healthy mind equals healthy body.

‘Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts.” Deepak Chopra


What goes on in the mind is always reflected in some way in the body – this phenomenon is known as the mind body connection. Ninety five percent of all our behaviours, both positive and negative, are unconscious, a key that lies at the heart of mind body medicine. Your body is your unconscious mind. We need to translate the language of our bodies to understand what is truly going on in our minds, rather than just fixing a single body part like we do with automobiles.

Stress is associated with most of our illnesses, indicative of this mind body connection.

Left unchecked, stress can gradually weaken the body, affect sleep and energy levels and can eventually lead to illness. None of us are immune to stress, what’s important is how we respond to it. Sometimes just taking a different perspective to make small changes in your life.

The bottom line to this mind body connection is whether we perceive ourselves as powerless in a situation or as having the power to deal with the situation effectively. When we see ourselves as “at the effect of,” we are most stressed or traumatised. And that can go right into our bodies and minds. Then affecting emotional and physical health issues such as stomach issues; muscle aches and pains; joint and back problems; increased blood pressure; increased heart rate; higher cholesterol; increased risk of heart attack; mood problems such as anger, irritability, depression, panic, and anxiety; headaches; low energy; lower bone density; loss of libido; and especially reduced immune response, which makes all illnesses more likely.

With the amount of things many of us have to juggle in our lives, it is unsurprising that lots of us feel our minds and bodies are disconnected and out of balance.

Doing something healing for our bodies allows us to much more easily deal with and let go of our stress. Once our bodies are completely relaxed we are more likely to notice the places where our tension resides, such as in our necks and shoulders, and to immediately try to deal with it rather than letting it build up to the point where we are edgy or tense. Just understanding that your body gives you signals about how you react to your world will help you release the tension you feel. This in turn can give you the means to heal your whole being – body, mind, and spirit.

“When you listen to your body when it whispers, you wont have to hear it scream.” Cherokee proverb


One of the main reasons why clients come and see me is because they are feeling  stressed and anxious. On a merry go round with irrational worries, with symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, irritability, digestive problems, constant colds and an overall lack of motivation and feeling ‘stuck’.

As few of us understand the relationship between our bodies and minds, most of us are becoming increasingly disconnected and move further and further away from wellness.

What stresses one person may be easy for another because stress has more to do with how we react to an event than the event itself. We all give our own meaning to people, objects, and events around us, and that meaning is coloured by our past experiences and interpretations. ​​

To successfully create and connect to good health, we must create a shift in thinking and better understand the links between our thoughts and actions, and the ability our body and mind have to work together to create pain or positivity.

The first part of any journey towards good health, begins with an honest connection to our current selves. It is important to take the time to understand what your bodily symptoms are telling you, what you feel you need to say and what you feel you need to learn about yourself.

In sessions, we may explore the meaning behind the symptoms you are presenting and release physical aches and emotional pains. We work together to help your mind and body become better at connecting  so that you can live your life in balance.

​Remember, the mind and body enjoy a powerful relationship, when it comes to health and wellness. Trust the power of kind, positive words in creating a healthy mind and body – because your body listens to every word you think or say.

Live in the moment and cherish each opportunity. Find the good in each situation. Love with all of your heart. Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself as you would like to be treated, do not just reserve that for the other people in your life. Start with self-care.

Now you see, feel and hear the mind body connection, what healthy mind and body strategies do you have in place for reducing stress?

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“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.” –Lao Tzu