In order to properly assess both myself and clients’ health risk, I am taking appropriate measures to mitigate this for everybody’s weelbeing. I am treating clients who I trust and know are careful about their health in general and follow social distancing/wearing masks etc, and who I trust will inform me if they’re not feeling well or show any signs or symptoms of Covid having read a ‘Risk Assessment’ form 48 hours before their initial treatment and re-check again with me  on the day and signed (and thereafter for each subsequent treatment). I am allowing 30 minutes in between clients to thoroughly disinfect areas as per latest guidelines by my insurance – Association of Reflexologists (AOR).

Workplace Safety Measures I have put in place so far (July 2020) have included:

  • Fully insured, Covid-19 Secure Workplace Ethical Policy accredited by the Association of Reflexologists, widely regarded as the “Seal of Quality”. I am complying with rigorous standards & support for qualified reflexologists:
  • Following your initial enquiry – A Covid Risk Assessment will be emailed 48 hours prior to your appointment with a pre-consultation Health Form to be completed & returned along with an updated Privacy Notice.
  • In the interest of everybody’s wellbeing, I will contact you the day before every treatment to confirm that we are both feeling well. 
  • Hands sanitised before entering & leaving.
  • Bring your own blanket & water.
  • Both client and therapist will wear a facial covering/mask/scarf (3ply) during the session. 
  • A 30 minutes gap allowed between treatments to disinfect, floors and surfaces touched (handles, massage bed) & ventilate treatment room. 
  • Blankets, magazines removed.
  • Prompt arrival with minimum coats, bags & shoes left at entrance. 
  • 2 metres to be maintained.
  • Pre-payment before arrival to limit face-to-face interaction:
  • Covid-19 Risk Assessment form signed on the day of treatment, all being well.
  • Private policy GDPR updated August 2020 and emailed beforehand to support NHS Contact Tracing Programme if necessary. 
  • To notify me immediately if you feel unwell, show ANY signs or symptoms of Covid please check: and rebook your treatment. 
  • Join COVID Symptom Study App, members of the public supporting the NHS and scientists in the UK. Developed by health science company ZOE. It is endorsed by the Welsh Government, NHS Wales. Together we can get out of lockdown safely and beat the disease.

The Welsh Government has published guidance on therapists’ responsibilities to help with COVID-19 testing and contact tracing, so should the need arise I will need to share your details to support an important part of Test Trace Protect strategy which will help us live and work alongside the virus while research continues to find more effective treatments and a vaccine. (See updated Private Notice GDPR August 2020). 

Lastly, we make a mutual promise to inform each other (client and therapist) of ANY signs or symptoms and that we cancel the session if in any doubt or if you or I have, by accident or inadvertently, felt at risk at any-time prior to your appointment. By doing so, we are forming a ‘Circle of Trust’ to give full peace of mind that we are working together to eliminate and manage this as safely as we can so that everybody can totally relax and enjoy their experience at zen cabin, and ultimately stay well.

I hope this is clear and you are fully assured that you will be professionally looked after in a safe, peaceful practice.

I look forward to meeting you soon.