Learn To Accept Change

Change takes courage and commitment. Courage means trusting yourself to overcome your fears and doing what you are afraid to do. 

We are creatures of habit and sometimes form bad habits to protect ourselves and others we love. Limiting beliefs like, ‘better the devil’ you know’ can keep us stuck, small and safe. How about ‘change is as good as the rest’ or the ‘world is your oyster’ ! 

No matter the challenge, do your own best and don’t give up before the end. 

Jump in where you are. Restart if you want but remember: progress is not a straight path. It is not surprising that we all don’t break a lifetime of bad habits on the first try. So go easy on yourself and celebrate how far you have come. 

I have helped people get clear on what they want, reaching their full potential. Changing their mindset and setting goals are just some of the tools I have used in sessions. 

“Change is hard at first, Messy in the Middle and Gorgeous at the End.” ― Robin S. Sharma