Therapies By Clare Holness

Welcome To Therapies By Clare Holness

I’m Clare, I offer one to one therapeutic coaching sessions in my cabin or outside in nature to improve and manage your health and well-being. I am passionate about promoting positive mental health, trained to understand the mind-body connection and believe once we are given the right support and tools we are able to take flight and make our own positive changes. The more in tune we are with our physical bodies the more we can recognise and manage our emotions and experience a happier, healthier state of mind. 

Therapy Connect was setup in 2004, located at my home based purpose built practice in Ystrad Mynach, Mid Glamorgan. My therapeutic approach is about treating you as a whole person in a friendly and open-minded space to explore and adopt what matters most to you. Ultimately, my aim is to help anyone who has lost their way, offer emotional support to feel good about themselves, mentally and physically.

I believe that in order to create true healing, health, vibrancy, and alignment, it is necessary to take into consideration all aspects of ourselves: mind, emotions, body and soul. What we do in each area affects our whole being. This is what I integrate into my coaching therapy. Once I understand your needs, I am able to tailor a combination of healing modalities, tools and techniques from the areas of psychology, spiritual awareness, meditation, nutrition and skin care for a more successful, positive outcome of therapy.


For you to explore your thoughts and feelings, I have created a warm and caring environment in which you can relax and focus on the changes that you want to make in your life. My approach is honest, non judgemental, friendly and professional – whatever you bring is treated with respect and in strict confidence.

Why do I do this?

I feel lucky to have a job I love, helping people feel better about themselves. Dedicated to making sure that everyone gets the very best out of themselves on every level, identifying what’s getting in their way, resulting in a healthier mindset, moving forward to reach their goals. It is such a rewarding and fulfilling role, making differences to peoples’ lives of all ages – no matter how small or big.
With over 20 years practising alternative  therapies, I added the empowering skillset of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching to my practice in 2017, further enabling me to help everybody overcome mental and physical challenges in all areas of their lives. I am currently on the journey to becoming a counsellor which feels a natural progression in my career and an exciting one too!
In my early days as a therapist, I would essentially treat my clients for physical tension and pain, to relax and recharge. Ongoing sessions I would hear and see stress related symptoms, continually showing up in their bodies, which had detrimental effects on them both physically and emotionally. I wanted to help them with their mental health. Coaching has since given me the knowledge and techniques to further help my clients get to the root of their problems, completely improving both their mental and physical health on a long term basis.
With my own learnings and development, I continue to  grow in all areas of my life, helping me be the best I can as a wife, mother of 2 and in other close relationships and of course as a therapeutic coach!

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