Corporate Well-being Events

I provide on-site well-being days (or 1/2 days), offering taster reflexology/massage treatments and life coaching for staff to learn and adapt new solutions and strategies. Ultimately my purpose is to improve their overall health and well-being at work and at home by recognising and managing stress, gaining a work life balance.
There is an increasing problem with the cost of replacing staff who leave their jobs due to mental ill health issues each year, feeling unable to come forward or take time off. With a significant added cost to employers lost to absenteeism due to stress, anxiety and depression. 
Our aim and purpose is dedicated to reducing work-related mental illness in your workplace by nipping it in the bud before unmanageable distress triggers a host of serious, long term chronic health problems.


Workplace Well-being Benefits:
  • Enhanced feeling of well-being, a sense of being nurtured and supported
  • Improved engagement, productivity and communication for personal and professional development
  • Increased positive morale, connection and loyalty of staff
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased focus and mental clarity
  • Reduced stress, decreased anxiety and depression, relieved muscle tension and pain, lowered blood pressure, increased immune function, prevented repetition strain juries, relieved headaches, improved quality of sleep.
Would your company like to:
  • Improve productivity and lower staff turnover?
  • Reduce the cost of employee ill health and absence from work?
  • Benefit from on-going well-being programmes tailored to your needs?
  • Manage and raise awareness about stress and anxiety to enhance mental resilience?
If so, tailored packages can be arranged to suit your company requirements on or off site.


Get in touch, I’d love to make a difference and be available to guide and support people when they need it most.